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Welcome Aboard!

Thanks for visiting! My name is Noel Zamot. I'm a former military aviator, economic development official, and defense industry executive. I fell in love with the written word in high school, a passion I followed through a career in the military, industry, and public policy. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, while serving in an economic development role in my birthplace of Puerto Rico, I finished my first novel.

My books examine the concerns of our time in the context of the technologies and policies that enable them. The Archer's Thread talks about redemption in the context of a surveillance society.  The Feather's Push examines misunderstandings in the context of social media warfare. My next books examine what a country might look like if they never learn the lessons of history, how we might abdicate our souls to machines, and what you’d work on if you came back from the dead. 

I hope that when you read my stories, you'll be entertained, find new ideas, and wonder "What if?"

Stylized photograph of Noel Zamot, Speculative Fiction Author
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