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The Archer's Thread

Simon Lyons can see ten seconds into the future.

His condition is useful to some, but slowly drives him insane. A book from his past leads him to a young university professor with a surprising gift: around Doctor Kelly Austin, Simon cannot see ahead. The chaos of future timelines is replaced by a quiet, comforting calm. Searching for peace and sanity he enters Kelly's life, planning to find a cure, then leave. That’s when someone from his past returns, determined to keep his secrets buried. When they discover Kelly may be the key to his condition, Simon has to choose: a horrifying past, or the terror of redemption.


Blending action, technology and suspense in the traditions of Dan Brown, Lee Child and Michael Crichton, The Archer’s Thread will take you on a behind-the-scenes thrill ride and remind you of a deadly lesson: 

Even if you can see the future, you cannot escape your past.


Noel Zamot has worked across the globe in military, government, and private industry. He’s a former combat aviator who commanded the US Air Force's elite Test Pilot School; an economic development executive who has testified twice in Congress, and a technology warfare expert who crafted plans for space warfare and developed methods to protect US military jets against cyber threats.  He's a mountain biker, sailplane pilot, coffee roaster, and writer.  He lives somewhere in Florida with his wife.

Absolutely nothing in his books is based on personal experience.

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