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These are AI-assisted renderings of the main characters in The Archer's Thread

These people do not exist in real life—they are created using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), a tool routinely used for deep-fakes and other media found online. You will not be surprised that Artificial Intelligence is a common theme across the Relented saga. 

Check out Artbreeder for more amazing images. And come back for more renderings of characters from The Archer's Thread!

Did Simon and Kelly look like what you imagined? Let me know what you think!


Simon Lyons

His life was derailed after a tragic accident almost left him dead. Now he suffers from synesthesia: he can see in time as if it was another sense.


Dr. Kelly Austin-Lake

An Ivy League PhD, Kelly is Assistant Professor of mathematics at Tufts University.  She worked through college as a barista, loves 80's alternative, and enjoys terrible math jokes.

Marcy 4.jpeg

Marcy Bennett

A former Marine with a troubled past, she was Simon's first hire into the Office. A Georgia girl who despises idiots almost as much as cowboy music, she earned the Corps' Expert Marskmanship badge in every weapon she's fired.

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